10 Signs You Need a Nutrition Coach

You’ve probably had a coach at some point in your life. It could have been for your little league baseball games, recreational soccer games, or college football. Coaches teach you new skills, help to make you a successful player on and off the field, hold you accountable, and a good coach will also serve as a supportive mentor.  Then as you grew into adulthood, you found yourself on your own with no accountability and the support you received through your growing years slowly dissipates. Now you’re feeling defeated in certain areas.  Here are 10 signs you need a nutrition coach.

#1: You find yourself hopping from one fad diet to the next:
Quick weight loss diets don’t work. Let me help you put together a nutritious and sustainable meal plan that is tailored to your bio individuality. Failed diets will be a thing of the past.

#2: Long work hours equals no time to cook, so fast-food lines it is: Reclaim your health and buy back time with Meal Planning assistance.  Delicious nutritious meals in under 30 minutes. You will be able to use that extra time to sleep in, take that walk during your lunch break, or start that hobby you’ve been thinking about. “Use fast-food lines for that occasional treat.”

#3: You received a health warning from your doctor: 
Get back in the game of “Wellness” A few simple changes in your meal planning may be all that’s needed. Let’s get you back to “raving patient reviews” and fewer doctor visits.

#4: You can’t get your child to eat anything green other than gummy worms:
Sounds like you need a Smart Shopping Trip. We will shop alternatives that will yield surprising results.  Don’t give up just yet.

#5: No motivation to exercise:
Let’s get your “A” game back. Exercising does not have to involve spending grueling hours at the gym. Let’s talk behavior adjustments that will yield a stunning outcome.

#6: Your grocery cart is filled with foods that promise to be healthy:  
That promise is as empty as the junk calories contained in those foods.  Swap out empty promises for delicious wholesome treats…you’ll be amazed at the alternatives.

#7: You are a Mindless Eater:
Unconscious munching isn’t a bad thing when it’s the right foods. Learn delicious and easy to prepare munch snacks.

#8: You are not motivated to take care of your health:
We will work to achieve best results for the whole person; mind, body and spirit. Let’s find out what’s zapping your motivation.

#9: Your pantry is filled with junk carbohydrates and high fat foods:
A customized Pantry Makeover is just what you need. You can have a delicious pantry within an hour and without giving up all your favorite foods.

#10: You need help with accountability: You need a nutrition coach! We can meet once a month, bi-weekly or weekly. We’ll discuss what you’re eating, what you’re not, and what’s eating you.


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2 thoughts on “10 Signs You Need a Nutrition Coach

  1. Angela Darensbourg September 27, 2018 — 9:43 am

    How wonderful! I loved the article❤️!


    1. Thank you! Great to have you onboard!


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